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Driect Response: Are You Seeing the Bigger Picture?

So your new website is up and running and your page views have increased substantially. You’re ecstatic that your site has become so popular, but there might be a bigger picture that you are missing.

If you are not getting additional sales or leads from your website, it could be that your website is missing some key direct response components.

Direct response involves exactly that. You respond directly to the customer or visitor’s email inquiry. Visitors send emails for a wide variety of reasons. You… Continue reading

Social Media Intergration: It Matters More Than You Think!

Social media has become the way of the world. It is the online version of “word of mouth” for businesses. Why? Well, mostly because anything mentioned within the realm of social media can spread like wildfire under the right circumstances.

For this reason, countless businesses have established a presence on a variety of popular social media sites.

What social media sites are the most popular? Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, Google+ and more are all very popular social media sites with millions of users.

In… Continue reading

SEO: Optimization Primed

I briefly touched on search engine optimization (SEO) earlier in this report. I can’t stress enough how important it is for your website and its overall ranking and millions of others agree with me.

Search engine optimization is imperative if you want your site to be seen by potential online customers.

Search engine optimization is achieved by carefully determining your keywords and integrating them strategically into your content. In addition, you need to ensure that your site’s Meta tags and descriptions, title tags, images and… Continue reading

Mobile Websites: Don’t Lose Customers in a Flash

When you are sitting in a waiting room all by yourself, what is the first thing you do to occupy your time?

If you’re like most people, you probably pull out your cell phone and browse the web.

In fact, in the United States, nearly ten percent of all web browsing is now performed from mobile or tablet devices – and here’s a statistic that might surprise you – over 25 percent of U.S. mobile Internet users ONLY access the web via their mobile device!… Continue reading

Customer Service: Do Your Homework!

So, you finally have your website up and running.  The web designer did an amazing job, but you’ve located one major glitch. When visitors click the about us page, it shows a 404 error code.

You’ve tried to contact your web designer, but it’s been two days and you’ve gotten no response. Now you’re frustrated because your site isn’t working as promised and you have no idea when it will.

Believe it or not, lots of site owners have had issues similar to this… Continue reading

Website Hosting: Don’t Settle for Mediocre

Website hosting should be a major concern of anyone interested in having a website.

If a potential customer finds your site listed in the search engine results and clicks, but your site doesn’t come up, chances are that person won’t ever become a customer.

Believe it or not, website hosting is one of the biggest challenges that many website owners face. There are countless hosts available, and all promise great service – many at ridiculously cheap rates.

This often influences first time website owners to… Continue reading

Website Content: Is it Unique?

It is important that the content on your website appeals to your site visitors. In fact, it should be one of your top priorities.

Your website content should be written in a way that communicates who you are or what your business is to every visitor that views it.

Many consider their website and the functionality that it provides visitors to be the equivalent of a fancy designer suit. You see, a fancy suit can dress up any idiot, but it certainly won’t lend him… Continue reading

Website Analytics: What is and is Not Working

Once you have a website, it is really important to monitor statistics to gauge marketing campaigns and usability. A good web design company will install analytics software to track your website user statistics and will help you evaluate the data to track advertising campaigns and find areas to improve website functionality.

With good analytics software, you can find out how many unique visitors viewed your site, what pages they viewed, how long they stayed on each page, what country they live in, what web browser… Continue reading

Content Management System: Taking Control

If you want the ability to quickly and easily make changes to your website content or add news, specials and events, you will want to make sure your website designer uses a content management system (CMS).

Your CMS is going to be the content control panel for your site. It will allow you to add content or edit existing content without software and with little to no expertise.

When you have a CMS in place, there’s no need to contact your web designer and pay… Continue reading

Website Usability: Keeping it Simple

One of the top user complaints of websites is the lack of functionality. Think about how many websites you’ve been to that were difficult to navigate and use. Maybe the buttons didn’t work correctly, the links took you to pages that no longer existed or, worse, the website didn’t even work in your web browser.

You’ve probably left those sites pretty quickly, right?

Well, that’s exactly why you need to discuss website usability with anyone that you might consider hiring to handle your website development.… Continue reading

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